South Island Tour Day 2


Takaka to Westport,

The day started off well, with a little cloud but no rain. With our riders briefing at 8, and the newly nominated Monkey of the day being largely a unanimous decision. Thanks Paul for taking the Monkey .. May you find your lunchbox!

We headed off back over the Takaka Hill without much delay considering the road repairs taking place the moment. When we arrived in Motueka the sun was out so we re-fuelled for the day and had possibly one of the best coffees in the South Island at a coffee cart called Sublime. (Opposite the Caltex and beside the Suzuki shop) Once freshly caffeinated we headed off for a couple of hours to St Arnaud’s. WOW what a view off the end of the Jetty. Nestled in the heart of Nelson lakes district, this is a place you want to take the time to see. Crystal clear water, beautiful surroundings … What a tranquil environment. From here we headed off to Murchison for lunch. Had a look through a shop called Rust and Dust( Antiques and collectables) and had lunch .. Here we briefly caught up with some of the crew before they headed off again on the pristine roads of this part of the country.

Into the afternoon we regrouped with everyone and rode largely the last 50ish k’s within viewing distance of each other. Pulling into Westport around 5, a quick lap of the Main Street, into the supermarket for supplies for a BBQ dinner and into the Motel at 5:30 for beers and share tall stories of the days activities! It’s great hearing who did what, and who is dobbing each other in for our next Monkey nomination.

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