South Island Tour Day 1


Well we have officially started our tour we are in the mainland; after an early start to get to the ferry terminal. We all made it onto the big boat with the bikes safely tied down.

With lots of talk of it being a rough crossing, no one was really looking forward to it. Luckily after a few big swells heading out of Wellington, it was a fairly smooth crossing.

In Picton, we all headed off our separate ways with everyone all wanting to do and see different places and things. A couple of the lads went and finished French pass so didn’t make it in until around 8:30pm, now that’s dedication!

While others headed straight for Havelock to the Mussel pot inn (I think that’s what it’s called) we arrived in Havelock after heading through Queen Charlotte sounds the views through here are always amazing. Only to be told the mussel inn was booked out.

After a warning from a passing motorist about a car with flashing lights on its roof hiding up the road, we headed on our way to Motueka then over the Takaka hill for the night. We had to make a stop at a memorable corner where one of the lads had previously tried to polish his bike with the road surface. This time around, incident-free, a few laughs at that spot, some gentle ribbing and we were back on our way.

In Takaka, we all stood around having a couple of bevies deciding on what to do for dinner, and a bbq at the motel it was. Sausies on the grill, bread and T sauce, maybe a leaf or 2 of salad, few more coldies and we called it quits around 10.

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