Far South Tour – Day 10


Far South Tour 2014 – Day 10

Sorry for the slow post for day 10. After a day of awesome riding we got to Revingtons Hotel in Greymouth to find they had no WIFI working.

We covered 460km from our lovely accommodation at Lake Hawea Hotel up through the Haast Pass, Fox and Franz Joseph Glasiers, back through Hokitika to Greymouth.

A few of us stopped at the Blue Pools in the Haast pass and Kieren earned his 3rd Monkey of the day, by somehow opening his battery compartment on his camera and them falling into the Blue Pools. Haha


Kieren’s camera batteries in the bottom of the pool

image image


I stopped at Haast briefly for a V, and saw a few of our lads coming back from Jackson Bay and followed them up to Franz Joseph Glacier where they stopped for lunch. I kept going, just wanted to get there today, was feeling exhausted.

Some rode out to Lake Mathieson and found that to see the lake they would have have to 3km in their riding gear. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t the lake.

We stopped at Knights Point and did photo/photo since it’s all about the names of crew in the ride and their tourist spots named the same.

image image


We we all stopped at Ross, the Herkes’s had been for a swim and had stopped heaps of other places, so even though they left Lake Hawea first, they were the last to Ross. We had a coffee and had a look through the bike museum there and listened to the Blues coming out of the place.



We we rolled into Greymouth about 4pm and some of us headed for some last minute fancy dress shopping. Every year in mid tour, we have a dress up night and this year, without much encouragement a lot of us dressed up as “Chalkey”, our resident pomp, with the great sense of humor.

We had a few warm up drinks then headed off to get changed, all meeting back in the bar for dinner. What a crack up!!!! So great to see everyone getting into it and having an awesome time. We were posing for the Hotel’s staff and anyone else who was in the bar when we came downstairs.

image image


A good meal meal later and another few rounds and it was time for bed. Well worth the trip, just to have the roads we travelled today and the laughs we had tonight. Goodnight from Greymouth!