Day 9 & 10 South Island Tour


Day 9 started with a few lads getting new tyres fitted at McIver & Veitch in Dunedin. While some of us including Ken on his big Harley decided we head up Baldwin Street for a look. After waking everyone up on Baldwin street we headed back to McIvor & Veitch to meet up with the lads fitting new rubber while Kieren chatted with an old work mate that now works there.

We all headed off for Cromwell with a couple of detours along the way. One was to St Bathans and the Vulcan Hotel which is arguably New Zealand’s most haunted building with Rose a prostitute that died over 100 years ago. A few of others went inside and said it was a very airy place and even had a sneak look in the room she apparently passed in. We checked out the blue lakes nearby and wow the sights! While heading around the look outs my two riding buddies happened to throw their bikes on the ground both at walking pace or slower! Was this Rose? Or lack or talent? I’m kind of leaning towards the later. After a few hysterical laughs we headed to the lake to again be blown away by the sights.

With time against us and a clutch to remove and replace from a still playing up DL1000 we headed for Cromwell to get the repairs underway before our fancy dress night. Fancy dress night (yes we normally have a fancy while on tour) it always makes for a good night out and a slow day the next day. Good thing it’s another 2 night stop over in Cromwell.

With the clutch repairs completed the next morning and tested we headed for the Cromwell international races at Highlands Motorsport Park 5 minutes down the road. Yep, we were headed for a couple of big races in the go karts 14 of us in total it was all on winner takes 100% of nothing. With nothing but a brilliant time, many dramatic stories (or not lol) we completed our 2 sets of races. Highly recommended for anyone in the area.

After a couple of bevvies catching up with everyone we headed for town to look for somewhere to have dinner with the group splitting up a little so we got served a little faster. Some of us had Indian while others had Thai for dinner.

Before we knew it we were back in our rooms trying to warm up and get ready for the next day. With maps saying to go this way but everyone headed in which way but what the maps say! Hahaha as long as we all get to the end destination that’s all that matters.

Good stories, Good times!

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