Day 8 South Island Tour


This morning we took a slightly slower start to the day.

After briefing, a few of us headed out Bluff to get the quintessential Bluff / Stirling point photo – to showcase we hit the bottom of the South Island. Luckily it was early enough so we didn’t have to line up too long to grab our wall of fame photo. After Stirling point we headed up to the bluff lookout which gave us a beautiful view of bluff on this crisp clear morning.

Once we were done, fuelled up we headed over to Oreti Bay (Burt Monroe’s) beach. After a short stint on gravel, arguing with the 1190 on Sand we were on ol mate Burt’s beach. We rode around 1 km on the beach to say we had done it. Heading on back out it was chasing down late morning tea, early lunch so we stopped at a little cafe by Oreti beach – called Ziffs. It didn’t look much on the outside, but we had notably probably the best seafood chowder in the SI. After a hearty warm up by the fire, and great chowder we headed off to Dunedin through the Catlins.

Twisty, windy stunning smooth roads met us all the way through. Taking our time and stopping at Waipapa Point, Slopes Point and then a final rest-stop in at Balclutha for a refreshing drink and recharge for the final trip into Dunedin.

In town we went to a bike dealership to make arrangements for some of the team to have replacement tyres fitted; and make some phone calls for the DL1000 as the clutch still wasn’t quite right from its earlier repairs,

Back at the hotel, we unpacked and headed to “Baaa” sports bar for a steak and vege dinner to finish off the night. And as if we hadn’t done enough riding, myself and another who shall remain anonymous went and took a Lime a Scooter for a strop around the block. INCIDENT FREE!! So before we got confident, we parked outside the hotel and called it a night.

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