Day 3 South Island Tour


Day 3 started a little slowly everyone seemed to be feeling the effects of celebrating Barry’s birthday the night before. Some of us headed up to the old Denniston mine for a look around. A very interesting place if you’re ever in the area – even the ride up to the mine was nice, taking us up a windy switch back road up into the clouds at an altitude of around 600 meters.

Chalky needed some repairs to be carried out on his DR650 after breaking a couple of spokes the day before, so he drove the van through to Greymouth dropped his bike off at one of the shops and headed to Blackball to meet us for lunch.

We missed Greymouth this year as we wanted to head into Blackball for lunch, probably the only time I’ve been through that part of the Westcoast and it wasn’t raining! We left Blackball heading around Lake Brunner for a look and to get off the main road – tackling a relatively smooth and high speed gravel section, ending up coming out in Kumara. Then into Hokitika.

Some had taken a short ride and headed straight from Westport along the main highway; they were the Harley and BMW riders.

Back at the Motel everyone enjoyed an early night and prepared for the upcoming 500km day.

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