Day 11 South Island Tour


With the clutch on the DL1000 feeling much better after the repairs, we decided what better way to test it out than hitting Skippers Canyon (just out of Queenstown) which is the most dangerous state road in NZ, and features regularly in the top 10 most dangerous roads in the world! Not a bad way to test out our motel handiwork. With a quick stop in Arrowtown for some goodies at the sweet shop to take home to our lovely wives, we headed for Queenstown for breakfast and a coffee at Ferg bakery, then fuelled up the bikes for our adventure through Skippers.

The drops are amazing to look at but you would definitely disappear if you fell. Some of those drops are vast; even enough to want to be hugging the bank. We had been through a little bit of Skippers a few years ago but not to the old school house. The old school house has been restored and they have done an amazing job. I’m not sure who, but someone must chuck the old Briggs & Stratton on the back of the Hilux and head up to mow the lawn every couple of weeks as they were immaculate. The old Skippers Bridge is 96m long and opened for use in 1901  – for an old wooden bridge to still be in use 119 years after opening is wow!

Some of others ended up back in Wanaka with a flat tyre. The tyre had gotten damaged on some jagged roadworks rocks the day prior. A new tyre got installed and they were on their way again. The closer we got to Twizel the colder and wetter it got. As were were riding through Lindis pass we could feel every degree of temp drop to the point we had to stop, swap gloves and throw our over gear on to defrost. Talk about “chilled to the bone”

We arrived at the accommodation just as the real rain arrived. We were lucky enough to be arriving as it held the countries record for the coldest day!!

We shared in a communal salmon and vege dinner in the common room and had a good group catch up others warm.

After dinner we all retired early prepping for an early departure the next morning.

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